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Presentation software hasn't changed very much over the years. It's been business as usual since the invention of the Internet and mass adoption of mobile devices. We set out that day to change the game. With our product, anyone can create a stunning deck and share it.
Haiku Deck is rooted in a few simple principles. We know everyone has great stories and ideas ready to be set free. We believe crafting a compelling story should be a joyful creative exercise. We yearn for the fabled day when the words, “Let me just fire up this presentation,” ...fills an audience with eager anticipation instead of all-consuming dread.

From Susan Spellman Cann @SSpellmanCann

HAIKU DECK is a fantastic app to use for School Counsellors. It is no secret that I love this app. I love this app because it is easy to use and creates professional looking beautiful presentations that I can easily use in my counselling office or as a professional development tool that I can use in presentations with other school counsellors. Stunning visuals have the ability to evoke emotion, a powerful tool for school counsellors to utilize. By being an active champion of both learning and technology school counsellors can use Haiku Deck to create amazing visuals that not only assist students in learning , but they can actually help students.

Version 2.0 of Haiku Deck is even better than before. Check out the Haiku Deck blog http://blog.haikudeck.com/tag/haiku-deck-2-0/ for some hot tips on how to make new and exciting presentations.
The truth about stories is, that ‘s all we are”.Thomas King
School Counsellors can use this app to:
  • Share stories (while still keeping confidentiality)
  • Engage students brain to help them remember what is important
  • Share small and/or big ideas
  • Present topics to other counsellors
  • Share ideas or topics with students ( easy to share in your office as topic starters)
  • Have students create decks on coping skills or to tell their story
  • Co create a deck with students
  • Create positive quotes and have them rotating in your office
  • Post Haiku Deck’s on your schools facebook site.
  • Tweet decks to students in your school with messages that promote school counselling
  • Tweet decks to other school counsellors.

Please feel free to share ideas you come up with so we can remix and share the best Haiku Deck’s for School Counsellors ever.
Parents might also like getting Haiku Deck’s. It is a great way to promote your School Counselling Program.

Because HAIKU DECK has a Creative Commons license, finding a picture that fits your ideas is fast and easy and as school counsellors this is extremely helpful. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to set yourself up and share.

How to use Haiku Deck for school counsellors:
STEP 1 Go to: **http://www.haikudeck.com/**
STEP 2: Sign up for Haiku Deck and create a password
STEP 3: Download the app on your IPAD and start creating


  • Need ideas and visuals go to the gallery where you will find all kinds of great HAIKU DECKS.
  • Start using Haiku Deck now and your life as a school counsellor will become be enhanced because you’ll get to share great presentations with others that look like it took you forever to create!
  • You can view more presentations in Haiku Deck’s Gallery, Haiku Deck’s Pinterest boards, and share your experiences with Haiku Deck on Twitter (you can even tweet your fantastic presentations to them with #setyourstoryfree).
  • Check out my pinterest decks for school counsellors to get you started with some ideas: My pinterest board of Haiku Decks for School Counsellors
  • Follow Haiku Deck on twitter @haikudeck

Click below to see one of my Haiku Decks:

Messages From Your School Counsellor Haiku Deck


Start creating Haiku Decks for your students and others across the world so that they can benefit.

Pass this on to other school counsellors so that they can start creating Haiku Deck’s now and please share with me on twitter @SSpellmanCann , so that I can share and celebrate your decks.