At Yapp, our mission is to empower people to interact and express themselves. We aim to do this by democratizing the creation of mobile apps so that anyone – even if they lack technology or design skills or resources and time – can create a mobile app for parts of their lives that matter to them. We believe that app creation is something that anyone should be able to do and everyone will do, but don’t believe one platform can create apps for everyone. The needs of IT departments, brands, SMBs and consumers are very different. We aspire to make it fun and simple for consumers to create a beautiful, content centric mobile app, or in our case, a Yapp. Yapps are user created, themed, customizable, mobile experiences that can be updated in real time and do not require their own binary.

As a school counselor, I can see this being very useful for school wide events like college night, curriculum night or career fairs but especially for state association conferences! We are rolling out a Yapp for our state conference this year in Illinois, you can see the full app here for our Chicago-area conference. I think a Yapp for SCOPE is in the making soon!!!

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