Wordpress.org vs. Wordpress.com
Wordpress comes in these two different flavors. So what's the difference? Let's take a look:

Wordpress.org is...
  • Software that you download, then upload to your own server (or webhosting server) and connect to a database (it's not as difficult as it sounds).
  • Free to download and use. Your only costs are for your domain name and webhosting/server.
  • Highly configurable. You can add and remove themes and plugins so that your blog works exactly the way you want it to.

Wordpress.com is...
  • A blogging service that is easy to set up and use
  • Free to use with their initial tier. This includes a blog with their domain (yourblog.wordpress.com) and a limited number of non-configurable themes and a few plugins.
  • A pay-for service with additional features, such as premium themes, the ability to modify a theme, and your own domain.

So which is right for you?
Don't let the geeky side of Wordpress.org software dissuade you from your own self-hosted blog. Many webhost providers offer push-button blogging with their service so you don't have to get your hands dirty with databases and ftp clients.