The majority of tools that exist to publish content on the Internet are either one-to-many (e.g. personal websites, blogs, news sites) or short-lived (forums / message boards, FAQs, etc.). Wikispaces gives groups the freedom to publish pages that are long-lived, regularly updated, and built by many contributors. We give you the space to both publish and discuss content, without tangling the two together.

Other wiki resources to get you started:

"If your website will be used for an entire group, house documents and other files, and potentially be updated by more than one person, a wiki is your first and best choice. If you use one for your counseling program, it can be a great place for parents and students to get access to information and resources, and for collaboration to take place among your colleagues. Best of all, the learning curve is well within the grasp of most casual web users. If you can type text, click a few buttons, and upload files, you can operate a wiki."

Rick Scheibner, School Counseling Matters