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  • Why do you like SCOPE?
  • How have you found SCOPE to be useful to you in your position?
  • How do you see SCOPE meeting a need in the school counseling profession?
  • What do you believe SCOPE has the potential to do?

Thanks! - Erin

Tracy Jackson, NCC, NCSC, DCC
Coordinator, Guidance Services, VBCPS, P/T Doc Student (Old Dominion University) and VSCA, President-elect
Creator of The Extraordinary School Counselor blog and
  • SCOPE is a great resource when I need the latest information regarding technology and best practices for school counselors.
  • I find SCOPE an amazing place to learn about how to use the latest technology. I can share what's on here with the 175 school counselors in my division! I also love learning about how other school counselors use technology.
  • I think that Erin is one of the few counselor educators who has not forgotten that school counselors are practioners first! She definitely supports my vision of helping to make school counselors BETTER; and using technology is the best medium. School counselors can no longer walk into classrooms with just pen and paper and think that they are going to knock the socks off of students or keep them engaged. Erin and SCOPE assist in leveling the technological playing field that so many classroom teachers have access to.
  • I believe SCOPE has the potential to unite school counselors and give them the tools to creatively meet the needs of their stakeholders and solidify their place in the educational system.

Rebecca Lallier, M.Ed.
Professional School Counselor, Dothan Brook School, White River Jct., VT
Author of School Counseling by Heart blog
  • SCOPE provides an accessible and user-friendly way for school counselors to learn about a variety of technology tools. It creates a community in which school counselors and school counselor educators can share ideas and support one another.
  • SCOPE has been my introduction to a variety of technology tools. It was the first place I turned when I decided to increase my understanding and integration of technology into my professional practice. By going through the SCOPE links, I quickly went from being an interested but tentative beginner to earning fearless, advanced techie status among my school colleagues, who I am often called upon to help! Visiting SCOPE is wonderful professional development. Erin Mason was helpful and encouraging when I was considering whether to begin writing a blog for my fellow school counselors. Honestly, it has helped me improve my practice as a school counselor and not only stay current, but be in the vanguard among my education colleagues.
  • SCOPE provides links to resources that help thousands of school counselors and graduate students learn and improve the effectiveness of their professional practice by building upon the ideas and proven successes of other professional school counselors. It offers the opportunity for experienced school counselors to nurture and mentor those who are newer to the field. Many school counselors are somewhat physically isolated from their school counseling colleagues and thus do not have the easy access to professional learning networks within our schools and districts that our teaching colleagues enjoy. In addition, classroom teachers are more likely to have the support of district or building technology integration support and inservice time. The connections and resources made possible by SCOPE help equal that playing field. I wish something like SCOPE had existed when I began my career!
  • I believe that SCOPE will become a household word among school counselors, counselor educators, and graduate students - THE source that school counselors turn to to help them integrate technology across their practice. I cannot wait to see what is to come!

Jeff "The Counseling Geek" Ream - PSC, North Tahoe High School (NTHS NTHS Twitter), Tahoe City, CA
Writer of The Counseling Geek TCG Twitter TCG Google+ TCG Facebook TCG Pinterest

I have been really thankful to have scope as a resource I use often. Especially when I am looking for some fresh ideas and ways to change things up in my program - I check SCOPE first. Voicethread was the first inspiration you gave me and now I can offer parents archived versions of my info sessions if they were not able to make it. I think SCOPE is a resource, not only for new counselors but also long time and non-techie ones. It exposes us to many resources that are already available, through Erin or outside. Thanks Dr. Mason for all that you do.

Jeremy Goldman, NCC
School Counseling Department Chair (,
Pikesville High School, Baltimore, MD (Baltimore County Public Schools -
  • I like SCOPE because it has the potential to catalog and include all available technological resources for making school counselors' jobs more efficient and effective.
  • I have found SCOPE to be useful by connecting me with a wealth of school counselors' blogs, so that I can see, in my colleagues' own voices, what techniques they are using to implement in their programs and what they find useful - at my own timing and pace, without having to pay for conference registration fees or transportation.
  • I believe that SCOPE can grow further by being inclusive of more websites, including implementation recommendations and differentiated tutorials to help technology integration beginners, novices, and experts to effectively use these resources.
  • I believe that SCOPE has the potential to bridge access gaps for school counselors to share with each other, grow their skills, and learn cutting-edge methods for delivering their school counseling programs.

Trish Hatch, PhD
Associate Professor & Director, School Counseling Program, San Diego State University
Director, Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership
  • I LOVE SCOPE! I am using it with my graduate students as well as practicing school counselors I train in the field on ways they can use these tools to organize their work, present their program results and to communicate with parents and students. There are so many technology tools out there it can be very overwhelming to determine which ones are the best to use or recommend. What's great is that SCOPE (Erin Mason) has done the research and vetted the tools! Further, she has connected how they might be useful to professional school counselors and counselor educators. We used tools she taught us to add a Blog and LiveBinder to our university program webpage!
  • What's really different and special about SCOPE are the samples and examples focused on the school counseling profession. They are well organized and are clearly labeled for ease of use. Some of the best examples also provide great places to get additional resources for school cousnelors as well - so there is really a double service! For instance, I can go learn how to create a blog and while looking at a sample, also get wonderful school counselor resources from that blog!
  • As a school counselor educator I have used SCOPE to help my graduate students meet the standards for credentialing in California. The Pupil Services Standards of Program Quality and Effectiveness (Standard 15) is Technological Literacy, which calls for the program to provide candidates with opportunities to understand and demonstrate skills in current technology for communication and collecting, organizing, distributing and analyzing data and resources in order to facilitate effective and appropriate outcomes in program management and individual student achievement. It's a perfect match! Each student is assigned one-two tools to become the "expert" in and students in turn teach each other until everyone learns every tool!
  • SCOPE has the potential to provide services beyond what I can imagine as long as Dr. Erin Mason is in charge. She is passionate and committed to providing cutting edge technology for school counselors! Who knows what's next?

Danielle Schultz, M.Ed., NCC
Doctoral Student, Counselor Education and Supervision, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Author, School Counselor Blog
Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ | Linked In
  • I love SCOPE because it is a source of inspiration and collaboration.
  • I have found SCOPE to be useful in my position because I can learn about a variety of different technologies and how others have used them. This helps me generate ideas of how I could use the resources and allows me to contribute by sharing my ideas with others.
  • I see SCOPE meeting the need for the school counseling profession by school counselors utilizing the resources and sharing their ideas. Information is power and SCOPE gives school counselors the tools and information to do amazing things in their schools and communities.
  • I believe SCOPE has the potential to become an even larger and more interactive resource for school counselors. I see SCOPE as being the go-to place for school counselors in terms of technology. Dr. Mason has plans to make SCOPE a place where school counselors can watch tutorials and informational videos about the different technology resources that exist. Since technology is always changing, I see SCOPE as a place where school counselors will be able to keep up to date and be tech savvy!

Tabitha Panariso, MA, NCC
Professional School Counselor, Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Author of Scrapbook of a School Counselor Blog
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  • SCOPE is one of my absolute favorite sites as it is a convergence of all the things that I love. This is helpful for school counselors as not only does it save time but directs and focuses thier attention on technology that would be helpful not only as a professional individual, but also as the School Counselor at their site- for their students, parents, and administration.
  • I have specifically used SCOPE as a means of keeping up with the latest School Counseling blogs- I love the blogroll! I also really enjoy the explanations of why or how a tool would be helpful as I can the kind who just creates a username and finds that something is ineffective later. This allows me to be more intentional with the tools that I use.
  • Although there are so many School Counselors in the world today, I often feel that we are an under-the-radar group with no real presence. I believe SCOPE encourage School Counselors to come out of hiding and join many in making a mark online, and offline. SCOPE encourages School Counselors to use technology that will further edify and clarify thier roles in schools, and their effectiveness. In addtion, SCOPE encourages School Counselors to join in on making and sharing their resources with others.
  • SCOPE is a "live" community- making the everydays of school counselors tangible and understandable in the eyes of others. I see SCOPE becoming an application that could be downloaded and used on iPads or iPhones- an always accessible tool that school counselors can search for relevant resources and an explanation on the basic facts- the why and the hows, saving school counselors countless moments of searching.

Andrea J. Burston
School Counselor, Joyner Magnet Elementary School, Raleigh, NC
Author of JYJ Counselor Blog & iPads 4 School Counselors Wiki
  • SCOPE has been my go to source for trending technology uses in school counseling. I've been able to incorporate many technology uses in my school counseling program such as Livebinders, Glogster, Vokis, Dropbox and Google tools.
  • One of my favorite features of SCOPE is the counselor blog roll. The blog world for school counselors is small yet growing and being able to find blogs all related to school counseling in one spot has been fantastic!
  • SCOPE has been helpful for school counselors because there really hasn't been a place truly for school counselors to learn what's available technology wise that can be used for school counselors.
  • SCOPE has the strong potential to reach such a large group of school counselors that want to embrace 21st century learning and may not know where to start. SCOPE has the potential to be the ultimate counselor resource. I'd love to see this become a total interactive app for tablets and smart phones.