Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Create Storybirds in small group or individual sessions as a way to help students deal with challenging issues. Marissa Rex of explains why she loves Storybirds in the video below and shares some of her examples on this page:

Marissa also says of Storybirds, "I create the stories to address specific topics that I want to cover in my counseling lessons. Typically, these are for classroom lessons. However, I do send links to my stories to help teachers with specific students (i.e. to reinforce a behavior plan, etc.). Some of the stories in my collection are simply for fun because I enjoy writing. The best part about Storybird is that everyone can view your stories for FREE! I have purchased some of my stories in hardcopy format, but I certainly don't have to in order to have a good presentation. In fact, the free version works PERFECTLY on a SMARTboard."
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