Any.DO was founded in 2010 by Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld & Itay Kahana. Frustrated with his own procrastination and the complexity of getting things done, Omer was inspired to create a tool that will simplify the way people do things (so they can have more time for fun). Omer started sketching some ideas and after getting Yoni and Itay on board they started their journey to find a better way to make things happen. The first step was to release a simple to do list app, collect some feedback and test some concepts. The app soon became one of the most popular to do list apps out there. The Any.DO app was inspired from the lessons learned from the previous app in addition to deep focus on a simple and easy to use experience that will make you feel good.

Jeff "The Counseling Geek" Ream - PSC, North Tahoe High School (NTHS NTHS Twitter), Tahoe City, CA

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"I have been using Any.DO on my Nexus 7 Tablet and PC/Mac for a while now. It creates a great pairing with Google Calendar and you can sync your Google Tasks (which you can create from your Google Calendar) with Any.DO. Which is a good segway into one of my other favorite things - the syncing. I hate having tons of lists - Any.DO allows me to have one that I can sync with the cloud (as long as you have wifi on my tablet or 3G on phones) and be able to access it from anywhere. I can carry it with me and use it at my desk and/or home via Google Chrome. One final nifty piece is that if you enter an address on where a meeting is at - it will remind you that "you should be getting ready to leave for this meeting" using your GPS location and the time to get to where you are travelling. Highly recommended.