You're on Facebook. You're on Twitter. You have videos on YouTube and a blog or two. Or three. Oh, and you added a new Tumblr blog to document what you're doing for a school project. Pretty soon, providing links to all of your spaces gets pretty cumbersome, and more than a little untidy. It would be great to have a one-stop jumping off point for all of your social media outlets. Provide a short url, and you can add that to your email signature, business cards, anywhere you want to let people know how to get a hold of you on these various networks.

Enter About.Me. It's not another social media site, but it's a service that lets you create a single page to bring all of those links together. You personalize it, add a little blurb about yourself, and make it as fun looking or as professional as you'd like. And the url is really short: Just eight characters plus your username. That's it. Idea: For your background, upload a nice environmental photo of yourself to add even more personalization to your page. It's a free service, and right now they're even offering some free (+s/h) business cards with your url and information.

"I've been using About.Me for just a few weeks now, and I really appreciate how easy it is to set up and just put a single link into my email signature. Our online identities are so much more than just a single social media site, and this service lets you easily show off everywhere you can be found." --Rick Scheibner, School Counseling Matters

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